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ProSource™: July 2016

Cover Story:

ACE-SPONSORED RESEARCH: Can Elevation Training Masks Improve Performance?

by John P. Porcari, Ph.D., Lauren Probst, B.S., Karlei Forrester, B.S., Maria L. Cress, M.S., Scott Doberstein, M.S., Katharina Schmidt, Ph.D., and Carl Foster, Ph.D., with Daniel J. Green

Can elevation training masks improve performance? This ACE article details findings in a recent training programs and explains the bottom line.

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Functional Anatomy Series: The Shoulders
  • ProSource™: July 2016

Functional Anatomy Series: The Shoulders

by Pete McCall
Health and Fitness Expert

Many common resistance-training exercises designed to isolate specific muscles don’t account for the separate skeletal structures and how they are designed to move as a single unit. In this fourth installment of our functional anatomy series, we examine the four joints that make up the shoulder complex. Learn how the separate joints are designed to function as an integrated unit and the common exercises that could be causing injuries.

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How Much Protein Does Grandpa Really Need?
  • ProSource™: July 2016

How Much Protein Does Grandpa Really Need?

Protein recommendations for healthy adults are generally derived from studies conducted mainly in younger adults, which means they may not be accurate for older adults, who are less sensitive to smaller doses of protein and appear to require a greater amount of protein to fully stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Learn about new research that suggests that current recommendations for dietary protein intakes may be an underestimation for older adults.

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