Provider: SheStrength
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs

A Comprehensive Introduction to Training Individuals with Special Needs

Created for a wide audience that includes exercise professionals, coaches, parents, caretakers, and more, this course will introduce you to strategies for working with special populations—in particular, individuals with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and non-ambulatory individuals who require a wheelchair.

Developed by a fitness professional with extensive experience working with special populations, this course provides practical knowledge and tools that you can immediately begin using to positively impact the well-being of people with special needs—increasing their independence, improving their quality of life, enhancing their health profiles, and boosting their confidence. This course is heartfelt, client-focused and digs deep into understanding all aspects of how people with special needs think, feel, move, and function on all levels: both physically and emotionally. 

In addition, you will gain proven strategies for growing your business in the underserved area of training special populations. With this knowledge, you’ll stand out from other businesses and exercise professionals, while also gaining key insight into how to provide quality services for people with special needs.

Led by Anna Woods, owner of sheSTRENGTH training, this course will guide you through the process of creating individualized and group plans for specialized diagnoses. Anna has been working with special populations since 2008, coaching clients in her studio, through her app, and through Disability Supports of the Great Plains, LLC. Her work has been featured in articles in CrossFit Journal and Breaking Muscle, and she has hosted webinars on training for special populations. Anna is also a mom of three children – two with special needs.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Effectively work with individuals with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and non-ambulatory individuals
  • Understand the common diagnoses and how to communicate best with each population
  • Create a detailed plan for initial consultations, prepare individualized programs, and create group sessions
  • Motivate clients and caregivers
  • Build your client base and market your unique skillset


This was a great course! I learned alot and I am very excited to try these techniques I learned on my own son.

The course was very well prepared! It portrayed very important theoretical and practical information needed for a trainer to work with students having special needs. Very well done! The only weakness was the poor voice quality in few videos.

GREAT subject! Some very helpful and useful info, but the sound quality of the videos, primarily the volume differentiating throughout the same video, was very difficult. Especially when wearing airbods when the volume would suddenly be extremely loud.