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Kick Your Participants’ Fitness into Overdrive

As a health and fitness professional, your job requires more than expert instruction—you must also be a master motivator in your classes. Motivation, though, takes more than just bringing high energy to your sessions. To successfully motivate your class participants, you need to connect with them on a mental and emotional level—and design exercise experiences that excite and inspire them. Too often, exercise routines become stale, and participants lose motivation. Variety in physical fitness not only helps keep participants motivated; but it also helps them achieve better results.

As a cardio kickboxing instructor, you’ll be able to offer your participants a dynamic and exciting group experience that helps improve cardiorespiratory health, agility, speed, balance, flexibility, stability and coordination. You’ll help participants connect their body and mind through fluid movement combinations and work toward improvements in self-efficacy. Unlike pre-choreographed modalities, you’ll be able to design your classes—from the music to the sequence to the format—based on your own assessments of your participants’ abilities and strengths. 

Led by Shane Barnard—founder of UrbanKick and a nationally recognized presenter and instructor at the University of California at Berkeley—along with co-founder Miwa Natsuki—an experienced health and fitness professional and former Assistant Director of Fitness at UC Berkeley’s Department of Recreational Sports, this self-paced course expertly blends the practical and theoretical education necessary to teach a cardio kickboxing class. You will learn instructor fundamentals and be equipped with all the tools necessary to lead a fun, dynamic and athletic workout.

Career Outlook

Becoming a cardio kickboxing instructor will expand your marketable skills so you can offer your participants something truly unique in their quest for physical fitness. You’ll learn how anatomy and physiology work together to increase cardio fitness, reaction time and even mental acuity. You’ll be able to create your own HIIT and body weight athletic drills to help participants reach their goals. And, you’ll master the art of increasing the self-efficacy of your participants. This course reaches beyond the basics of teaching a cardio kickboxing class so you can create unforgettable experiences every time you teach.

You will learn:

  • The proper technique for punch and kick movements
  • How to teach to the 32-count phrase and match your music to your audience to support flow, participation and intensity
  • Best practices for class design and programming
  • The science of cardiorespiratory training, and how it relates to anatomy and physiology
  • Self-Efficacy Theory, and how you can empower your class participants through improvements in strength and endurance


I enjoyed this so much. Instructions and lessons were amazing!

I LOVE shane’s enthusiasm, training style, EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to be the best personal trainer and kickboxing instructor because of her course!