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Type: Online Course
Online Quiz
CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs
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Develop Effective Resistance Exercise Programs to Improve Health

Muscular fitness helps with much more than increased strength—it also reduces the risk of injury, contributes to a healthy body weight and improves general health. With this course created in partnership with Healthy Living, you will learn how to help people—regardless of their age or fitness level—safely attain the numerous benefits of resistance training in a time-efficient manner.

Based on the research series “ACE Health and Wellness Reports,” this easy-to-understand course addresses the key factors involved in resistance training—from the physiological and psychological benefits of strength training to an overview of muscle structure and function. In addition, it provides a detailed look into the basic elements of safe resistance training and features an inclusive review of research-based training recommendations.

This course includes digital access to an 80-page online document (viewable only) and an online quiz.

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Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the physiological and psychological benefits of engaging in a safe resistance exercise program
  • Explain the factors that influence how strong a person becomes
  • Develop an evidence-based prescription for a safe strength training regimen


The Ebook includes great information and reference materials. It is not a downloadable document - and over 70 pages to read. I would have preferred to download and enjoy highlighting and jotting down notes for future reference. It includes great research information. It is a read only program - no videos.

The information was great. A con is that it had a lot of studies that may not have been necessary to include or could be perceived as "boring" to some. I wish we were able to download the PDF to go back to for reference.

great content, but wordy. a lot of data..