Provider: Twist Conditioning, Inc
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs

Learn to integrate push-pull exercises that incorporate balance and movement for truly effective results, developed by industry innovator Peter Twist. The Linked Strength system for chest and back trains the body to become more skillful and develop intelligent strength to meet the demands of everyday life and sports. Foster strength among your clients that allows them to transfer force from the legs through the core to the upper body.

You will learn:

  • How to implement the Twist Conditioning paradigm into training programs, including Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises that foster true athleticism in clients
  • To build training programs for youth athletes, adult recreationalists and elite adult athletes using innovative Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of science and practical application related to implementing the Twist Conditioning paradigm and Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises


amazing learn alot

Descriptions of Olympic-weightlifting movements are completely off. Instructor suggests cues to land on front of foot for hang power clean, when that will only happen if the bar is too far in front of the body and the lifter has to jump forward to receive the bar in the rack. None of the movements are completed from the legs, which is the purpose of all weightlifting movements (drive through legs to send bar up to shoulders, and whip under bar). Instead the video shows an aggressive double jump with no triple extension and an unnecessary bend of knees in the air. Second pull is too aggressive, making this more a careless upright row than anything. The terminology is not close to correct for the hang clean high pull/hang power clean or the snatch high pull. I think the reflects the age of the program, and the lack of knowledge in the sports field regarding the explosive lifts. I wish there were also a disclaimer as to the degree of technique teaching and performing these lifts requires. I have witnessed first hand coaches hurt clients with a poor understanding of the olympic lifts.