Provider: Twist Conditioning, Inc
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs

Understand and apply the principles of stability and rotary power into your training design with information by industry innovator Peter Twist. Create a center for movement and force transfer by developing the core using whole body, closed-kinetic chain stability and rotary power. Regulate balance among your clients and foster dynamic performance by helping to stabilize their core, fostering powerful arms and legs.

You will learn:

  • Twist Sport Conditioning training paradigm, including Sport Core exercises using the Bosu Balance Trainer™, Medicine Balls, Slastix™, free weights and stability balls
  • Training programs for youth athletes, adult recreationalists and elite adult athletes using innovative Sport Core exercises
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of science and practical application related to implementation of Sport Core exercises


With the definition section suddenly appearing and the exercise section suddenly appearing in the middle of the video it broke the momentum for me. However I teach Pilates and loved this as it is like Pilates Extended !

DVD's? 2009?