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Certified™: June 2019

Cover Story:

ACE-SPONSORED RESEARCH: The Accuracy of Heart Rate–based Zone Training Using Predicted versus Measured Maximal Heart Rate

Daniel  J. Green by Daniel J. Green

A growing trend in the always-evolving fitness world involves the use of heart rate training zones to develop exercise programming, with some fitness facilities using this concept as the foundation of their brand and group-based programming options. ACE research looks at the accuracy of the prediction equations used to create the target zones and what it means for your clients’ responses to exercise.

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Medicine Balls: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training<sup>&reg;</sup> Model Workout
  • Certified™: June 2019

Medicine Balls: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model Workout

by Jonathan Ross
Health and Fitness Expert

Medicine balls have become required equipment for health clubs, studios and even many home gyms. Exclusively for CERTIFIED readers, ACE Pro Jonathan Ross applies the principles of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model to create an innovative workout featuring three types of medicine balls that is safe, effective and, importantly, fun for all your clients.

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Is There a Ceiling to Success for Group Fitness Instructors?
  • Certified™: June 2019

Is There a Ceiling to Success for Group Fitness Instructors?

by Amanda Vogel
Health and Fitness Expert

As a group fitness instructor, the more experience and skills you gain, the more you might hope to take your talents to the next level. Some choose to become a manager, presenter and/or studio owner, but what if those aren’t your aspirations? Here are some ideas on how to advance in group fitness without bumping up against a possible ceiling to your success.

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