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Certified™: April 2023

Cover Story:

What Happens When Weight Loss Doesn’t Magically Change a Client’s Life (Like They Expected It To)

Daniel  J. Green by Daniel J. Green

When it comes to losing weight, some clients may think that hitting their goal weight will be a cure for all the things in their lives that make them unhappy or that they wish they could change. Of course, weight loss is not a panacea. Learn what you, as a health coach or exercise professional, can do to prevent this scenario from happening, and, if it does occur, how you can navigate this difficult moment in your relationship with the client and in the client’s wellness journey.

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Is Program Hopping a Bad Thing?
  • Certified™: April 2023

Is Program Hopping a Bad Thing?

by Pete McCall
Health and Fitness Expert

Do you have clients who seem to follow every exercise trend? These “program hoppers” are easily distracted, so they’re always looking for the newest, latest greatest fad that promises quick results, but changing programs too often may not help them achieve the results they desire. Here’s what you can do to keep your program-hopping clients on track.

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5 Steps to Creating a Long-term Periodization Program for Your Clients
  • Certified™: April 2023

5 Steps to Creating a Long-term Periodization Program for Your Clients

by Lance C. Dalleck and Emma K. Cantril

Creating an effective periodization program requires both planning and knowledge. This article presents best practices for putting together a periodized plan that follows the principles of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model over the course of a year. Armed with this knowledge, you can create fun and effective workouts that will keep your clients engaged and, importantly, steadily moving toward their goals.

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