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August 2010

100+ Exercises Added to ACE's Online Library


Fitness professionals and clients alike have come to love ACE’s online exercise library, and now you have more than 100 additional exercises at your finger tips! We’ve doubled the size of the exercise library to include more in the areas of sports conditioning, static and dynamic flexibility, and strength training (including machine-based exercises) to provide a more robust selection for your programming.

Quickly and easily find thorough, step-by-step instructions with crisp photos and animations demonstrating every movement. It is a great resource for any fitness professional and a valuable tool you can pass along to clients to help demonstrate proper and effective form. You can feel confident knowing this extensive library is backed by the experts at ACE—with complete instructions and safe techniques based on the latest in exercise science.

Built with both the consumer and fitness professional in mind, the library serves everyone from the advanced trainer to the novice client. Consumer-friendly language is used for targeted body parts, as well as more scientifically accurate anatomical terms of muscle groups. Integrated and full-body exercises are included, along with how to progress between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can also search for exercises based on specific equipment used such as selectorized machines, BOSU® Balance Trainer, TRX, dumbbells or agility ladder.

Tips are provided throughout the library, such as common mistakes to avoid, easy ways to correct your form and other key pointers. See an exercise you particularly like or find effective for your workouts? Let others know! Rate the effectiveness using the 5-star ranking system and add your comments for others to see. Your remarks will be highlighted as coming from an “ACE Professional” so consumers will recognize your qualifications.

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100+ Exercises Added to ACE's Online Library

We’ve doubled the size of the exercise library to include more in the areas of sports conditioning, static and dynamic flexibility, and strength training including machine-based exercises!
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