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February/March 2010

ACE in the News

Serving as America’s Authority on Fitness®, the American Council on Exercise and its extended spokesperson network are regularly featured or quoted in print, online and broadcast media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. Check out these recent highlights:

USA Today (December 24, 2009) – Dr. Cedric Bryant, ACE Chief Science Officer, was among the top fitness and nutrition experts featured in Nanci Hellmich’s, “New Year’s Resolutions From the Experts Themselves.” Industry experts were asked to divulge their personal resolutions for 2010, and here’s what Bryant had to say: “I am going to incorporate more variety and fun into my existing exercise routine with recreational sports activities such as racquetball, tennis, squash and basketball that I enjoyed in graduate school. I also plan to give Pilates and/or yoga a try to help recapture some of my lost flexibility.” He also recommended individuals try squeezing in mini-workouts, given the fact that lack of time remains the most common reason people give for not maintaining a regular exercise habit. Need an example? “Try 10 minutes of stretching and calisthenics (push-ups, knee bends, jumping jacks and sit-ups) in the morning, a brisk 10-minute walk at lunch or 10 minutes of resistance exercises in the evening,” says Bryant.

new york times
The New York Times
(December 16, 2009) – In a recent New York Times article, “A Device to De-Stress Your Workout,” ACE Exercise Physiologist Fabio Comana shared his opinions on the latest technology for athletic mouth guards or “performance mouthpieces.” According to Comana, “There is research to support improved breathing mechanics and reduced jaw fatigue…there is some truth to the claims.”
Women’s Health (December 2009) – In the monthly “Fitness Scoop” section in the December issue of Women’s Health, ACE Exercise Physiologist Pete McCall explained the benefits of stretching, citing a recent study which suggested that stretching reduces soreness. He explained that stretching increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to the muscles while ridding them of lactic acid build-up, and recommended a post-workout stretch for each muscle group, holding for at least 30 seconds per stretch.

wall street journal

The Wall Street Journal
(November 25, 2009) – According to scientific research reported in the recent WSJ story, “Cinching Your Belt Without a Crunch,” electrical-stimulation abdominal belts can help tone muscles, but consumers are warned to beware of promises of weight loss. Writer Laura Johannes also calls upon ACE Exercise Physiologist Fabio Comana to get his thoughts on product claims that electrical ab belts will help you shed fat surrounding your abdominal muscles. According to Comana, “You are not going to see any fat loss, and you are not going to see a six-pack. You have to get off your butt for that.”

womens health (November 24, 2009) – A common question on the minds of Americans during holiday season every year is how to keep from gaining weight from Thanksgiving dinner. The “Daily Dose” column referred to a popular ACE analysis, which estimated that the average American consumes 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day. But there’s hope! ACE made a variety of suggestions and recommendations to stave-off weight-gain, including: removing visible fat off the turkey and skipping the dark meat; going for a walk or run about an hour before eating to elevate the metabolism and help digest food more effectively; eating salad or fruit prior to the big meal to help curb your appetite; and planning a family or group event that involves physical activity to minimize sedentary holiday behavior. (November 23, 2009) – In “Balancing Act: Get Fit with a New Fitness Tool and 4 Simple Moves,” ACE-certified Personal Trainer and spokesperson Debi Pillarella, M.Ed., demonstrated and explained four simple moves that can be conducted on balance pods to build core strength and add challenge to yoga poses: standing on the balance pod in classic tree pose, alternating arm and leg lifts with a pod under each knee, setting pods in a classic hopscotch pattern to create a jumping drill, and lining pods in three rows in front of you to imitate a standard football drill.


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ACE in the News

ACE is regularly featured in the media reaching more than 450 million people each year. From the Wall Street Journal’s article on electronic muscle stimulation, to covering 4 simple moves using balance pods to build core strength, read the latest from ACE in the news.
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Publisher: Scott Goudeseune
Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
Editor In Chief: Christine J. Ekeroth
Art Director: Karen F. McGuire