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March 2012

Train Like MMA Fighters, Dietitian's Pantry, Live Online Fitness Classes

If you missed ACE's blog posts below, you may not be current on cutting-edge fitness information, answers to clients' common questions, and latest health and fitness news.

Here are the six most popular posts from ACE's blogs this past month.

From Fitnovatives™

Doug Balzarini MMA Fighter

Train Like a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter [VIDEO]

Increase the intensity of your workouts by training like a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Doug Balzarini shows you his top five favorite exercises that he uses when training elite athletes. With upper-body pushing and pulling, lower-body and rotational core movements, these exercises will make you sweat. Continue Reading »

ACE IFT Model application yoga

Applying the ACE IFT Model to Popular Workout Trends (Part 1 of 3 — Yoga)

As fitness professionals, it's inevitable that people ask for our opinions about popular exercise programs — whether it's the most recent late-night infomercials or the centuries-old practice of yoga. Find out how applying the ACE IFT Model to these trends will help you market your skills as a fitness professional. Continue Reading »

From Ask the Expert

registered dietitian pantry

What's in a registered dietitian's pantry?

If you've ever wondered what foods you might find in a registered dietitian's pantry, now's your chance to find out. Gina Crome, R.D., shares how she stocks her pantry — from breakfast foods all the way to desserts — to maintain her 172-pound weight loss! By stocking your pantry like a registered dietitian, you too can learn how to eat healthier and maintain your weight — all without losing flavor. Continue Reading »

Save or splurge fitness clothes

SAVE or SPLURGE on fitness apparel?

Clothes may not make the workout, but having the right apparel can definitely help enhance your exercise experience — and ensure you look good, too! But with so many fitness apparel options out there, how do you know when you can save or splurge? Find out which items won't break the bank and which ones are worth the investment. Continue Reading »

From Fitness Trends

online fitness classes

When the Couch Tempts, Look to Online Fitness Classes on Your Computer

Some days, the victory isn't counting how many miles you ran, but celebrating that you actually got out the door to do your workout. Companies now stream their fitness classes online, and this may be the solution to those days when you want to stay in and skip the gym. Continue Reading »

cage fighting mixed martial arts

Gina Carano Shows Women Can Be Tough and The Rising Popularity of Mixed Martial Arts

Haywire is now in theaters, starring former mixed martial arts fighter, Gina Carano. Learn more about how she got into the sport and why it's the fastest-growing workout among consumers. Continue Reading »

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Train Like MMA Fighters, Dietitian's Pantry, Live Online Fitness Classes

If you missed the six most popular posts from ACE's blogs this past month, you may not be current on cutting-edge fitness information and the latest news. See what you may have missed and watch the latest videos.
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Functional Training: What It Means For Your Clients and Your Business

Functional training continues to grow in popularity as the foundation for fitness and sports-conditioning programs. If you’re not sure what functional training entails, you’re not alone. Learn what’s really behind functional training, how it can benefit all clients—from sedentary clients to highly competitive athletes—and how you can use it to enhance your services and business.
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Outsourcing Workplace Wellness: A Growing Trend

More employers are outsourcing their workplace wellness programs to fitness facilities and health clubs. This opens unprecedented career opportunities for fitness professionals. Read how you can best serve this growing clientele and gain a competitive edge.
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