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March 2012

Back to the Future:

A Paleolithic Exercise Program for the 21st Century

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Feature Articles

Integrating Corrective Exercise Into Your Personal-training Programs

By Justin Price, M.A.

In parts one and two of this series on corrective exercise, Justin Price explained how to conduct various static/postural assessments to identify musculoskeletal deviations and utilize specific corrective exercises to address those imbalances and alleviate pain. This final installment provides additional corrective exercises and outlines strategies personal trainers can use to integrate corrective exercise into their clients’ programs.
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Six Essential Steps to Strengthening the Lower Body Following Recovery From a Knee Injury

By Karen Merrill, M.S.
The road to recovery following a knee injury can be a long and frustrating one for clients and trainers alike. Once you’ve figured out what caused the injury to occur, you can begin to address those factors to help prevent it from happening again. Of course, strengthening the lower extremities is paramount. Learn the six essential steps for safely returning to lower-body strength training following recovery from a knee injury.
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Women in the Fitness Industry: Leaders or Eye Candy?

By Karen Asp

The answer to that question depends, of course, on who you ask. While some lament the prevalence of scantily clad women on tradeshow floors, others point to the fact that women are at the helm of some of the most well-known companies in the industry. We talk to some of the most successful women in the fitness industry to learn their perception of women’s roles in the industry, and get their advice on what they think it takes to break down barriers.
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Would I Be Foolish to Sign a Non-compete Agreement?

By Carrie Myers

Some gyms require their independent contractors and employees to sign non-compete agreements, but is that really a good idea? Depending on the circumstances, the benefits may outweigh the drawbacks—but that’s not always the case. Here are some things to consider before signing on the dotted line.
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When It Comes to Healthy Eating, A Little Deception Can Be a Good Thing

Rare is the parent who hasn’t resorted to bribery or coercion to get their kids to eat the healthy foods they need. Others may give up altogether. A new study, however, offers hope for parents of picky eaters, by suggesting that “hiding” healthy vegetables in traditional foods like pasta and breads could be a valid—and effective—way to increase a child’s vegetable intake.
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Train Like MMA Fighters, Dietitian's Pantry, Live Online Fitness Classes

If you missed the six most popular posts from ACE's blogs this past month, you may not be current on cutting-edge fitness information and the latest news. See what you may have missed and watch the latest videos.
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Functional Training: What It Means For Your Clients and Your Business

Functional training continues to grow in popularity as the foundation for fitness and sports-conditioning programs. If you’re not sure what functional training entails, you’re not alone. Learn what’s really behind functional training, how it can benefit all clients—from sedentary clients to highly competitive athletes—and how you can use it to enhance your services and business.
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Outsourcing Workplace Wellness: A Growing Trend

More employers are outsourcing their workplace wellness programs to fitness facilities and health clubs. This opens unprecedented career opportunities for fitness professionals. Read how you can best serve this growing clientele and gain a competitive edge.
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