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October 2011

ACE to Serve as Expert on Popular TV Series

the balancing act

ACE, America’s Authority on Fitness, has been called upon by Lifetime Television®, one of the top television networks for women, to contribute expert fitness content to a national audience over six consecutive months beginning in October.

ACE ambassadors and fitness authors Chris Freytag and Jonathan Ross will make their debut on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act,” a one-hour morning TV show focusing on tips and trends from leading experts in a variety of areas. Freytag and Ross will appear in separate episodes where they’ll lend expert fitness information on some of today’s most relevant topics.

ACE’s association with an established network and its built-in, loyal audience supports ACE’s mission to enrich America’s quality of life by improving access and engagement in safe and effective exercise and physical activity. With Freytag and Ross posing questions relevant to today’s consumers and ACE providing real solutions, ACE solidifies its commitment as the nation’s most trusted Authority on Fitness. Moreover, the enhanced consumer reach will create greater awareness of the ACE brand and, with it, the expertise provided by ACE-certified fitness professionals. This will bring exciting new opportunities to our fitness professionals to connect with consumers everywhere and advance our mission to build a healthier, more active America.

Freytag’s first segment, airing on October 12 from 7-8 a.m., will focus on debunking common fitness myths. Tune in as Freytag separates ‘fact from fiction’ and educates viewers on how to exercise both safely and effectively.

On November 9, start your morning with Freytag’s exercise recommendations for diabetics. Learn from Freytag about the tremendous impact exercise has on preventing type 2 diabetes as well as managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Then, just in time for the holidays, on December 14, Freytag reveals her secrets to success with healthy treats and fun cold-weather family activities.

Ross will kick off the New Year with his segment on real fitness resolutions. Learn about the pitfalls of dieting and how to set realistic goals for a healthy and active new beginning. In February, Ross will provide heart-healthy advice during National Heart Month. He’ll discuss causes of coronary heart disease and reveal his life-saving tips for a healthy heart and better living. Next March, tune in again for Ross’s Spring cleaning tips for health and fitness.

The Balancing Act is America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show that is both ambitious and inspiring. We are excited to welcome our ACE ambassadors, Freytag and Ross, to “The Balancing Act.” These two fitness experts have dedicated their lives to motivating people to become more physically active and healthy.

Ross began his career in personal training in 1998 at the Sport & Health Club in Crystal City, Va., after realizing his personal mission to help obese people live healthier and happier lives. He is the owner of Aion Fitness, LLC, a successful in-home personal training business.

Ross was named among the “top 100 Trainers in America” by Men’s Journal and is the two-time recipient of Personal Trainer of the Year awards (2010 IDEA & 2006 ACE).

He hosted the Discovery Health series “Everyday Fitness.” His book, Abs Revealed, delivers a modern, intelligent approach to ab training. Ross is also a master trainer for TRX and has shared his renowned thought-leadership philosophy at many conferences and in the media.

Freytag, a mother of three teenagers, has been teaching fitness classes and personal training for more than 20 years. She is also a blogger, author, motivational speaker as well as a top trainer for Exercise TV. She is the fitness expert for Prevention Magazine; the fitness contributor for the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis; and sells her signature line of healthy kitchen and wellness products on QVC.  She also sits on the Board of Directors for the American Council on Exercise.

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ACE to Serve as Expert on Popular TV Series

ACE, America’s Authority on Fitness, has been tapped by Lifetime Television® to contribute fitness advice to its national audience. Tune into “The Balancing Act” beginning in October to watch today’s top fitness experts and ACE ambassadors, Chris Freytag and Jonathan Ross, debunk common fitness myths and offer tips for heart-healthy living and maintaining family fitness during the holiday months. You won’t want to miss it!
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