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August 2011

Teach Yoga or Small-group Training?


Do you teach yoga classes? The AARP Fitness & Wellness Program is now offering all ACE-certified fitness professionals the great opportunity to bring the gift of a healthy mind and body to the growing number of older adults. We’re excited to announce that you can now offer yoga classes as part of the AARP Fitness & Wellness Program, an ideal means of growing your client base with a key audience for your services.

AARP has millions of members ages 50 to 75, a group that represents 41 percent of the U.S. population and one-third of the online population, and that controls more than 75 percent of the nation’s wealth.

What’s in it for You?

Yoga Benefits to Aging Adults

Older adults are discovering the many health benefits of yoga. According to “Yoga in America,” a 2008 study by Yoga Journal, of the 15.8 million Americans who practice yoga, 18.4 percent are age 55 and older. By enrolling as a fitness professional in the AARP Fitness & Wellness Program, you can make a difference and take advantage of a valuable opportunity to expand your business. Yoga has been shown to reduce chronic back pain, improve sleep and mood, and enhance overall quality of life and well-being, while also improving heart health and reducing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes. With more doctors recommending yoga to their aging patients, you are well positioned to win loyal clients.

Small-group Training and Group Fitness Make Fitness Fun for Aging Adults

Interested in teaching small-group training? The AARP Fitness & Wellness Program also allows fitness professionals to offer small-group training sessions to AARP members. Many older adults enjoy training in small or large groups for fun and socializing. Fitness experts have found tremendous psychological and social benefits of group training for older adults, including creating a heightened sense of well-being, companionship with fellow exercisers and a feeling of independence. "Group training" includes small-group strength-training sessions to help older adults increase strength, flexibility and balance, as well as traditional aerobics and step classes, and rigorous heart-pumping spin classes. This is a great opportunity to attract and expand your client base while fostering longevity and good health.

Benefits to Program Participants

To begin offering yoga classes or small-group training sessions to AARP members, enroll in the AARP Fitness & Wellness Program today and enjoy the many benefits:

•    0.2 ACE eCredits (worth 0.2 CECs and a retail value of $40)
•    Access to your own personalized marketing toolkit
•    Ability to set your own rates
•    New online client-management tools
•    Tools to manage your own payments
•    Ability to offer more types of sessions
•    Opportunity to expand your client base and win loyal clients
•    A chance to change the lives of older adults

Get started today! Learn about this exciting program and enroll in the AARP Fitness & Wellness Program.

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Teach Yoga or Small-group Training?

If you offer yoga classes or small-group training, there's a new opportunity to expand your client base. The AARP Fitness & Wellness Program is now offering all ACE-certified Fitness Professionals the great opportunity to bring the gift of a healthy mind and body to the growing number of older adults.
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