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March 2013







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Feature Articles

Can Your Vegan Athletes Match Their Meat-eating Competitors?

By Jim Gerard

As the vegan diet nudges its way into the mainstream of society, questions about its benefits proliferate—especially when competitive athletes adopt it. In the minds of many people, athletes must consume meat and dairy products to build muscle and get into optimal condition. But is this belief grounded in science?

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Dieting for Dollars: A Win for Both Trainers and Clients

By Karen Asp

Weight-loss betting sites are the latest weapon in the fight against obesity, but do they really help people shed pounds? Here’s the scoop behind these sites—and how you and your clients can get involved.

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ACE Specialty Series: Sports Conditioning

By Carrie Myers

With nearly one-third of adults saying they plan on participating in at least one sport this year, there has never been a better time to become a Sports Conditioning Specialist. Not only do Sports Conditioning Specialists train athletes to improve performance, they also help post-injury clients get back to competitive form.

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Does Social Media Help or Hinder Your Clients' Weight-loss Efforts?

By Daniel J. Green

Ranging from proud declarations of reaching weight-loss goals to daily “gym time!” announcements, it seems like everyone is using social media to tout their accomplishments. But is there a downside to forging a quest to lose weight in so public a forum? Here’s what the experts have to say.

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Study: A Calorie is Just a Calorie, But When You Eat it is Important, Too

In life, they say, timing is everything. The same may be true for losing weight as well. New research suggests that, while calories are important, when you consume them may have a significant effect on how much weight you lose.

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Part of our mission at ACE is to connect qualified fitness professionals with people who need them most, which we do through our Find an ACE Trainer tool at Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by updating your My ACE profile today.
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Join ACE Exercise Physiologist Pete McCall for ACE's newest free webinar, Understanding Myofascial Anatomy, on March 20. Learn how fascia and connective tissues work synergistically to control movement, and methods of organizing exercises tailored to the way your clients move.
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Named the “World’s Greatest Athlete” at the 2008 Olympics, Bryan Clay went from being a drug-abusing kid to a gold medalist in the decathlon. Hear how he’s used his struggles to help others at ACE West on May 16-18 in San Diego, Calif.
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