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July 2012



By Jonathon Ross

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Feature Articles

Off-the-Floor Training for the Core

By Chris Freytag

For most of your healthy clients and participants, the best way to train their core musculature is to use a variety of exercises and techniques. This could include performing core exercises in a plank or standing position, or using an unstable surface like a stability ball. Chris Freytag presents three simple steps and eight effective exercises to help you introduce more "core-off-the-floor" exercises into your classes and workouts.
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Mindful Techniques to Relieve Low-back Pain

By Dr. Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D.

Low-back pain—or any kind of physical pain, for that matter—can either be exacerbated or alleviated by our mental and emotional responses to it. Gain a better understanding of this all-important mind-body connection, specifically as it relates to low-back pain, and learn useful strategies you can use with your clients—or for yourself—to relieve the stress and anxiety that makes the pain worse.
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Battling the Bulge: 11 Sure-fire Weight-loss Tips to Share With Your Clients

By Karen Asp

Everybody knows that eating less and exercising more should lead to weight loss, but if it were truly that easy to lose weight, obesity rates wouldn’t be skyrocketing, and being normal weight would be, well, the norm. So how can your clients shed pounds? Leading experts weigh in, offering 11 of the most effective strategies to help your clients dump those pounds for good.
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A Commonsense Approach to Addressing Shoulder Instability

By Todd Galati, M.A. 

Do you have clients who are struggling with issues related to shoulder instability? ACE Exercise Physiologist Todd Galati explains the common causes of instability and potential injuries so you can make smart decisions about the functional issues that can be addressed through a fitness program, appropriate movement assessments and resultant exercises, and when to refer.
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Could Your Beverage Choice Be the Key to Eating More Healthfully?

A new study, which is fueling the ongoing debate over regulating the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks, suggests that food preference among both children and adults may be strongly influenced by beverage choice. While water appears to encourage healthful choices, drinking soda or other high-sugar beverages like juice creates a preference for high-salt, high-calorie foods.
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Keeping You Posted

Get Ready for the 2013 ACE Symposium

Mark your calendars for the 2013 ACE Symposium, which will be held on both the West Coast and East Coast next year. Check out some of the details and how you can stay up-to-date on the latest news, as well as pre- and post-conference workshop announcements.
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Three Ways to Help Clients Overcome Their Resistance to Change

Helping clients make permanent, long-term changes can be harder than the workouts in your personal training sessions. Some people just hate change – there’s no way around it. Check out three strategies you can use to help beat that mentality.
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Train Clients Like Olympic Pros: Three Drills to Increase Speed

With the Summer Olympic Games in London right around the corner, it’s a great time to inspire your clients to get stronger and faster. Start incorporating these three drills into your workout sessions to get them training like the pros.
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What’s the Best Body-monitoring Device for Me?

Struggle with the guessing game? If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how many calories you’re burning throughout the day compared to what you’re consuming, a body-monitoring device may be just the right tool for you. Check out a few of our favorites.
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