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May 2011


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Feature Articles

#1 Best Diet Recommendation


Most people can lose weight by restricting calories, but they can’t keep it off. And yet just about everybody is searching for that elusive magic formula—usually a restricted diet with specific foods to avoid—that will enable them to permanently (and easily) shed their excess pounds. But you can offer your clients something much more valuable—the knowledge, skills and motivation to create a healthier lifestyle and weight.
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Overweight and Obese Participants in Your Group Fitness Classes


Is there an invisible sign on the door of your group fitness classes saying that only the svelte are welcome inside? If overweight and obese participants tend to come sporadically and go quickly in your traditional fitness classes or boot camps (or not show up at all), it might be time to re-strategize your approach with this population—a group that is in desperate need of carefully planned guidance from qualified and sensitive fitness professionals.
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What to Do When Being Overweight Isn’t Your Client’s Biggest Health Challenge


With a population that is both aging and increasingly overweight, the clients you work with are likely to be facing multiple health challenges, such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. So how do you design a safe and effective program that addresses multiple conditions? Learn the critical measures you can take to successfully break down complex cases into simple ones and ultimately lead to triumphant outcomes for your clients.
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Can New Leaf's Tools Help Dieters Lose Weight?


There is no shortage of products claiming to be the best solution to boosting metabolism and accelerating weight loss, but do any of these “solutions” really work? One new offering, the New Leaf™ Active Metabolic Training System, determines your metabolic profile via a breath (gas) analyzer and then creates customized training programs based on that information. But with a hefty price tag, is it worth the cost?
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Jack LaLanne: Pioneer in the Fight Against Obesity


Decades before Dr. Kenneth Cooper jump-started the aerobics revolution and Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons commodified it, before Nike turned running shoes into status symbols and Joe Weider built his bodybuilding empire, Jack LaLanne was the fitness evangelist, a pioneer in the fight against an obesity epidemic he was one of the few to foresee.
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Chance to Win a Free iPad, Work with Older Adults

Last month you heard about the personalized marketing materials now available to you as a fitness professional enrolled in the AARP Fitness & Wellness Program. During the month of April, if you enroll in the program you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free iPad! There's no better time to join.
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Are You One of the Top 10 Personal Trainers in the U.S.?

If you or someone you know is the type of trainer who goes above and beyond to empower not only clients, but also members of your community to lead healthier lifestyles, enter the ACE and Life Fitness “Personal Trainers to Watch” contest for a chance to win $5,000, national recognition and many other prizes.
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Get Paid to Be a Fitness Ambassador in Your Community

ACE has joined Moderation Nation™—a national consumer education initiative that promotes balanced living—and we need your help. Get paid and earn up to 0.3 CECs for your participation in this important grassroots effort by serving as a fitness ambassador in your community!
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Come to Symposium & Let ACE Pay for Your Hotel Stay!

Register for the ACE Fitness Symposium by April 30 for a chance to win a three-night hotel stay at the Sheraton Harbor & Marina during the event!
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Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
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