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November 2010


Is the Gain
Worth the Pain?

ACE Experts Weigh In

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Feature Articles

Train Your Clients for the Sport of Parenthood

By TODD GALATI, M.A. Even the most highly trained athlete is likely to find parenthood to be as great a challenge—if not greater—than any he or she has faced during competition. After all, caring for a child requires stamina, strength, mental fortitude, and an ability to function on little or no sleep and adjust to changing conditions at a moments notice. Learn how you can help your clients meet the myriad physical challenges that are a necessary part of parenthood.
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Are You Headed for Burnout?

By CARRIE MYERS Stress is a fact of life for most of us, but those in the helping professions—like fitness professionals—may be particularly prone to burnout. And, while stress-management techniques can help, all the deep breathing in the world isn’t going to solve the underlying issues. You have to get to the root of the problem. If you’re suffering from a good case of burnout—or headed in that direction—read on and take the first step toward moving out of it today.
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Research Wrap-up

Scientific researchers have been full of good news that you aren’t going to want to miss. First, several new studies show that exercise has a positive effect on kids’ brains, adding to the growing body of research that suggests that fitter kids do better in school. And if you were looking for an excuse to book that massage, researchers have found that a single massage can actually boost the immune system.
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Q and A: What’s the Best Way to Get Acclimated to Hot Yoga Classes?

By CEDRIC X. BRYANT, Ph.D., ACE Chief Science Officer Numerous books and experts are full of advice on how to prepare to train or compete in very hot weather, but how do you go about acclimating to indoor hot yoga classes where temperatures can go as high as 115 degrees? ACE Chief Science Officer Dr. Cedric X. Bryant explains how to safely acclimate to extreme indoor temperatures and how to recognize when it’s time to cool off.
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Hot yoga classes are great for increasing your strength and flexibility, but they can also leave you standing in a puddle of your own sweat. In the past, the only way to keep from sliding off your mat was to cover it in a giant beach towel, but now there are several new products designed to provide a gripping surface and soak up the sweat. Don’t miss our review of the latest hot yoga towels.
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10 Reasons to Attend the 2010 Symposium

From multiple opportunities to interact with top fitness industry leaders while earning nearly all of your CECs toward certification renewal, to the vast array of San Diego’s must-see hot spots, discover the top 10 reasons why fitness professionals nationwide will be in San Diego November 3–6.
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ACE Get Fit™ — Watch the Video

To expand ACE’s reach to consumers and provide you with safe and effective resources for your clients, we created the ACE Get Fit initiative – a program that informs, educates and motivates people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. View our video and pass it along!
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New ACE Integrated Fitness Training™ Workshop

This new 2-day workshop for personal trainers of all levels delivers not only the latest in assessment and programming, but also business strategies, balance and the core, weight management, communication, and the behavioral and emotional components needed to empower clients toward long-term change.
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Ace Certified News

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Publisher: Scott Goudeseune
Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
Editor In Chief: Christine J. Ekeroth
Art Director: Karen F. McGuire