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October 2010

Going Gluten-free: Dietary Fad or Healthy Choice?

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Feature Articles

RESEARCH ALERT: Daily Exercise May Not Be Enough to Offset Sedentary Lifestyles

By JIM GERARD Are you a fit couch potato? You might be according to a growing body of research that suggests even daily workouts might not be enough to keep us healthy if we spend the rest of the day being sedentary. Learn why it’s so important to take a whole day approach to staying fit and healthy.
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Buzz-killed: Helping Clients Cope with Injuries

By KELLY JAMES-ENGER For some clients, taking time off from exercise simply isn’t an option—even when they’ve suffered an injury. But you can help your clients turn injury-related time off into a new training cycle that will help them maintain their physical—and emotional—well-being.
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ACE-SPONSORED RESEARCH: Validating the Talk Test as a Measure of Exercise Intensity

By CARL FOSTER, Ph.D., and JOHN P. PORCARI, Ph.D. In a world where technology is king, some might consider the decidedly low-tech Talk Test more akin to the court jester. But a growing body of research is helping to elevate its status as a valid and easy-to-use tool for helping clients exercise at the appropriate intensity level.
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Nutrition Spotlight

A new study suggests you may live longer on a low-carb diet, but there’s a catch. Before you start stocking up on the butter and bacon, read about the latest research and how to make healthier choices while eating fewer carbohydrates.
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Q and A: Should I Incorporate My Business?

By CARRIE MYERSIf you own a personal training and/or group fitness studio as a sole proprietor—or are thinking about opening one—you’ve probably wondered if you should incorporate. Get expert advice on how to make this crucial decision and best protect your personal assets and maximize your tax benefits.
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Make Nutrition Easy for Your Clients, with the NuVal™ Nutritional Scoring System

Navigating the more than 40,000 items stocked in a typical store is a challenging chore for even the most health-conscious consumers, and undoubtedly, you hear about it when working with clients.
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Operation FitKids™ – Free Curriculum for Trainers, Teachers and Parents

The new seven-lesson, online Operation FitKids™ curriculum is now available at no cost for both the 3rd- to 5th-grade classroom level, as well as the 6th- to 8th-grade level. A $99.95 value, this curriculum is designed for fitness professionals, educators and parents looking to integrate health and fitness into classroom learning.
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ACE is Coming to Your Town!

From live workshops and speaking engagements, to sessions at conferences and exhibit booth displays at tradeshows, see our list of upcoming events. Come meet us when we’re in your town!
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