Calf Raises

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Calf Raises

Target Body Part:
Legs - Calves and Shins

Equipment Needed:

Place a barbell in a rack at about shoulder-height. Dip under the bar so that it rests behind the neck across the top of the back and shoulder blades, and grip the bar with the hands just outside the shoulders. Raise the chest and squeeze the shoulder blades together to maintain a straight back throughout the entire movement. Stand up to bring the bar off the rack and step backwards, placing both feet approximately hip-width apart and squarely set on the floor with the toes pointed forward. (Tip: for more development on the outside of calves point feet slightly inwards.) Keep a slight bend in knees, and press the toes into the ground while lifting the heels up. Pause at the top, and slowly roll the heels back down to the floor, then pause again and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.