Forward Hurdle Run

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Forward Hurdle Run

Target Body Part:
Butt/Hips, Legs - Calves and Shins

Equipment Needed:

Step 1

Starting Position: Stand facing a row of hurdles (the hurdles should be spaced so they have an equal distance between each hurdle). Start with the left leg forward and right leg back, right arm forward and left arm back (you can alternate this starting position, but be sure to have the opposite arm and leg forward). Lean forward, hinging from the hips to prepare for the run. Explosively push off with the front leg while rapidly lifting the back knee and swinging the back arm forward to generate the forward momentum. This is a running drill.


Step 2

As you plant your foot in the space between the first and second hurdle, explosively drive the back knee up to create a ninety-degree angle at the hip. The opposite arm is driving up and forward. The arm movement swings from the shoulder not the elbow.


Step 3

Continue running through the hurdles, planting one foot at a time between each hurdle. With each step, driving the knee upward and the opposing arm forward. The trailing arm swings back to extend the shoulder. This will help give you more acceleration through the drill. With each step try to pick up the knees as high as you can to ensure that you are able to clear the hurdles as you run over them.


Step 4

Exercise Variation: Start with planting one foot between each pair of hurdles and progress to being able to place two feet in between each pair of hurdles (double time).

Maintain a tall posture with straight spine by engaging the abdominals (bracing) during the drill.