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Senior Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certifications
Offer Expertise to Help Growing Number of Americans over Age 55

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Feb. 13, 2012) – With the number of adults reaching retirement age in the next two decades soaring by 31 percent since 2000, the demand for qualified, knowledgeable health and fitness professionals has continued to grow.

In an effort to provide the expertise those professionals need to help older adults boost their quality of life, American Council on Exercise (ACE) has introduced Specialty Certifications in Senior Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Exercise.

“Equipping our personal trainers, group fitness instructors and health coaches with knowledge and skills specific to the needs of older adults will result in greater business opportunities for them and, more importantly, a healthier senior adult population,” said ACE President and CEO Scott Goudeseune. “The desire to help everyone live their most fit lives is ultimately at the heartbeat of our organization, and these Specialty Certifications are designed with that mission in mind.”

Curriculum for Specialty Certifications in Senior Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Exercise, introduced in conjunction with National Senior Independence Month (Feb. 1-28), addresses nutrition, in-home training, exercise program design, specific conditions like cardiovascular disease and arthritis, post-orthopedic rehabilitation, knee injuries and more.


Aside from exploring how to emotionally connect with older adults, the Senior Fitness Specialty Certification covers appropriate modifications and techniques to prevent muscle deterioration, improve bone strength, and boost quality of life.


Becoming a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist will give professionals expertise to develop exercise programs for the 43 million Americans affected by arthritis, and others who live with diseases or disorders that prevent them from falling under normal programming guidelines.



And curriculum comprising the Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certification gives professionals a better understanding of the structure and function of major joints, common musculoskeletal conditions, and general treatment clients will receive from orthopedic specialists. Upon completion, they will be able to develop exercise programs and incorporate progressions that address muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and improve movement patterns, muscular strength and endurance.


To earn a Specialty Certification, fitness and allied health professionals must complete a series of individual courses tailored to each subject. The Senior Fitness, Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certifications are each equivalent to 2.5 continuing education credits (25 hours of professional development). To find out more about becoming a specialist, visit


About ACE
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