American Council on Exercise Kick Starts National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (April 26, 2012) — American Council on Exercise (ACE), in support of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May, is launching the ACE PALA+ Challenge to help individuals kick start a program to achieve the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+). The ACE PALA+ Challenge consists of weekly cardiovascular and resistance workout plans for May and beyond that allow participants to fulfill the requirements for PALA+, reinvigorate a habit of daily physical activity, or begin a new plan to live their most fit life. 


“At ACE, our job is to arm individuals with the tools for engaging in safe and effective exercise regardless of their current fitness level,” said ACE CEO Scott Goudeseune.  “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is the perfect opportunity for Americans to kick start a healthier and more active lifestyle. ACE has a vision of the world devoid of the obesity epidemic that is threatening our quality of life. This challenge is just one more way we empower all Americans to life their most fit lives.”


The ACE PALA+ Challenge is designed to build total body strength, enhance cardiovascular endurance, gain muscular definition, lose weight, improve health and increase energy. Created for exercise beginners, the plan can also be used as a dynamic warm-up for more advanced individuals, and can be completed at home or in a gym under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.


The ACE PALA+ Challenge is available at and includes weekly guides with instructional videos demonstrating proper form for each exercise.  Additionally, ACE will share expert advice and inspiration on its Twitter channel every day in May in support of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.


Visit to learn more about the plan and to register for PALA+.


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“We are excited that ACE has launched the ACE PALA+ Challenge as a way to engage even more Americans to start a healthy lifestyle by completing PALA+,” said PCFSN Co-chair Dominique Dawes. “The President’s Council is constantly looking for opportunities to promote our mission and this collaboration will bring our messaging to millions of Americans.


Since 1983, May has been observed as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, with individuals and organizations across the country joining together to promote awareness of the value of physical activity in the pursuit of happier, healthier, more productive lives.  The mission of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month coincides with the goal of PALA+ to encourage all Americans to make being active a part of their everyday lives. 


Adult participants in PALA+ are required to complete 30 minutes of physical activity, five days a week for six out of eight weeks. PALA+ also includes a nutritional component, where participants must add a weekly healthy eating goal per week, and build upon those goals throughout the six week period.  Goals include increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, managing portion sizes and drinking water rather than sugary drinks. 


For more details on the ACE PALA+ Challenge, visit


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