8 Hip Mobility Exercises For Better Flexibility, According to Experts (PopSugar)

Posted: Apr 08, 2024 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Pop Sugar on April 8, 2024.


8 Hip Mobility Exercises For Better Flexibility, According to Experts

By Kaley Rohlinger

With so many ways to exercise, and so many things to focus your workouts on (leg day, fixing back pain, stronger arms, etc.), mobility is easy to overlook when planning your workouts. However, it's key for your overall health, fitness, and movement — particularly when it comes to your hips.

"If your body was a house, the hips and pelvic girdle would be the foundation," says Grace Taylor, PT, DPT. "Without a strong, proper foundation, the rest of the house collapses." Strong hips reduce stress and strain on other joints in your body, ensure proper alignment and posture, and improve your body awareness. When someone lacks mobility in their hips, they have to find that missing movement or function in other areas of their body, which leads to undue stress on the body. That's why hip mobility exercises are so important.

Araceli de Leon, MS, RYT 500, ACE-PT echoes this sentiment. Mobility of any joint is important because our kinetic chain is connected, and one misalignment or issue will be compensated by another, de Leon explains. Restricted or decreased range of motion can lead to imbalances in the body, in the hip, it can lead to a change in walking or running pattern, posture, issues in the lower back/lumbar spine or legs, or higher risk factors for injuries. "Healthy hip mobility isn't just important for athletes and active people; it's crucial for everyday life," de Leon tells PS.

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