Mental Wellness (Health Club Management)

Posted: Apr 01, 2024 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Health Club Management.

Mental Wellness

By Kath Hudson

As more people join clubs to support their mental health, fitness professionals need to be empowered to take a holistic approach. Kath Hudson shares useful tools discussed at the ACE summit on mental health.

Mental ill health is on the rise around the world, with the World Health Organization reporting that 280 million people globally suffer from depression. However, exercise has been proen to help and for the first time, more people are joining gyms in the US for their mental health than their appearance. 

Introducing the ACE Health and Fitness Summit, Dr Sabrena Jo, ACE's director of science and research emphasized the importance of fitness professionals being able to support these clients, while also acknowledging that support given in health clubs can't be a replacement for professional mental health care.


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