The Benefits of Kickboxing (

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The Benefits of Kickboxing

By Sherri Gordon

Kickboxing, which combines boxing techniques with kicks, is influenced by a variety of martial art forms, including karate, Thai boxing, tae kwon do, and kung fu. This full body workout gets your heart pumping, and it can also build muscle, improve balance, burn calories, and more.

Kickboxing originating in the 1970s. It was developed because many karate practitioners in the U.S. did not like the strict rules surrounding their sport, and wanted to see if their fighting style would be effective in real life.

From there, kickboxing evolved into a more Westernized sport that does not allow strikes with the elbows and knees, and requires that all techniques used be directed above the belt. Today, kickboxing includes more than just professional fighters. It also attracts everyday people who want to improve their endurance, strength, flexibility, stamina, and overall well-being.

Keep reading for a closer look at the benefits of kickboxing, the types of gear you will need, how to stay safe, and where to find a class near you.



Burns Calories and Promotes Weight Loss

If you are looking for an efficient total body workout that will help you burn calories and tone muscle, kickboxing may be the answer. Not only does it provide a substantial cardiovascular workout, but it also may be an effective weight management tool.

One study noted that kickboxers tend to have more muscle mass and lower percentages of body fat.

 Meanwhile, an older study on kickboxing by the American Council of Exercise found that the punching-and-kicking combinations used in the sport burn more than eight calories per minute. This means you can expect to burn around 480 calories in an hour-long class.


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