The 5 Best Post-Workout Recovery Tools of 2024 (Gear Patrol)

Posted: Jan 01, 2024 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Gear Patrol on January 1, 2024.


The 5 Best Post-Workout Recovery Tools of 2024

By Hayley Helms

You've finished that half marathon you were training for all last year, and now you have your eyes on a full 26.2 miles. You’ve met your PR goal, but there’s always another hill to climb (and weight to lift).

Your fitness goals are deeply personal to you, but one thing all bodies can agree on is the need for recovery after you’ve pushed the limits yet again. These tools and accessories were designed to help your body rest and recover — so you can go the distance again tomorrow.


The American Council on Exercise recommends one day of recovery for every 7–10 days of high-intensity training. This allows your muscle fibers the necessary time to recover from the presented stress, leading to growth and better integrity in the future. The most intuitive way to schedule your recovery days, however, is by listening to your body. If you feel depleted, take a day off from the sets and sweat. The goal should be to find the ideal balance between worthwhile training and beneficial recuperation.


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