16 Best Glute Exercises for Men (MSN)

Posted: Jan 04, 2024 in In the News

This article originally appeared in MSN on January 4, 2024.



16 Best Glute Exercises for Men

Training your muscles has become an art, with men frothing over that time of day they can finally hit the gym to continue crafting their bodies. Regularly exercising the usuals: back, chestcalvesarmsabsshoulders, and leg muscles, every week — and at times, doubly. And apart from the slew of muscles that are trained ad nauseam are a smattering of body parts that have been scratched off the workout menu. Take the forearms, for instance. Or, in this case, the glutes.

Call ’em the butt, bum, or even arse, the glutes are an integral part of the human body and should be treated as such; helping in the extension, abduction, and rotation of one’s hips (1). These muscles assist in stabilising the upper body, aiding movement, and extending the hip to enable physical activity (2). But beyond the study of anatomy lies a much more fascinating (and funny) reason why men should dedicate more time to working out their behind.

It turns out, a recent study by Men’s Health found that chicks dig dudes with a round rear (way to go at flipping the script on that one, Science). Our point is, the glutes should be routinely exercised from a strength and aesthetic standpoint. And when you put your arse into it, you’ll even start to see your absleg, and lower back muscles develop (3).

Best Glute Exercises for Men

So if your current glute exercise routine needs a kick in the butt, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more medically reviewed, expertly curated, and detailed exercise plan for your glutes (or any other body part) that not only focuses on the hypertrophy of your muscles but on bolstering their strength via eccentric training. Whether you need to learn a few new moves or sharpen up on techniques, the following are some intensity-amplifying workouts that can be done at home, the gym, with or without equipment to bring out bigger and stronger glutes.


Rest Days – Any bodybuilder or fitness guru worth their salts will attest to rest days as being an integral part of the growth and strengthening of muscles. According to Healthline, regardless of one’s fitness level or athleticism, skipping rest days can lead to overtraining or injury (12). Meaning muscle recovery isn’t an option for anyone. But how long should your muscles rest before you can re-train them? As per The American Council on Exercise, to ensure that muscles are getting the recovery and repair they need, one must dedicate at least 72 hours of rest (as well as proper nutrition and sleep) after high-intensity workouts and at least 24 hours of rest between training sessions after low-intensity workouts (13).


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