Walking is the sixth vital sign. Here's how to do it right. (National Geographic)

Posted: Nov 29, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in National Geographic on November 29, 2023.



Walking is the sixth vital sign. Here’s how to do it right.


Experts agree that basically the worst thing a person can do is to stop moving. You’ll feel the effects almost immediately, says Pete McCall, director of education at ES Fitness and author Smarter Recovery: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Training Results. Sitting for hours hurts him, and on the days he uses his hands, the arthritis doesn’t bother him as much. These are helpful reminders that our bodies require action.

But I don’t have to crush every workout, says McCall, who shares his quick spine, hip, and ankle routine on the American Council on Exercise website. It’s almost like brushing your teeth. If I don’t do it for a day or two, I notice, she says. Movements that include hip circles and dropping to one knee and then reaching with the opposite arm are used to twist the upper body before or after training, or as an active recovery day.


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