This 15-Minute Metabolic Workout Burns Fat and Builds Muscle (Livestrong)

Posted: Oct 08, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in LiveStrong on October 8, 2023.


This 15-Minute Metabolic Workout Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

By Tiffany Ayuda

When you hear "metabolic workout," doing a long and intense endurance workout that melts body fat probably pops into your head. But a metabolic workout is actually not quite what it sounds like.


"Metabolic workouts essentially condense the intensity of a full workout into a shorter session that incorporates high-intensity and compound movements with minimal rest periods," Brittany Leboeuf, PhD, a research scientist at Orangetheory Fitness, tells

"This usually isn't a leisurely jog on the treadmill or an hour-long lifting session. Instead, metabolic workouts allow you to tap into immediate and intermediate energy systems, enabling you to maximize your output in a shorter time frame and making every second count."

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), your body converts energy from food into adenosine triphosphate, otherwise known as ATP, which is an immediate form of energy.

There are three main energy systems that store ATP in the body: phosphagen, anaerobic and aerobic, per the ACE. The phosphagen system provides an immediate source of ATP, but it has very limited amounts that are used during short high-intensity exercises.


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