Burn 1,000 Calories With This No-Holds-Barred At-Home Workout (Fatherly)

Posted: Jul 13, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Fatherly on July 13, 2023.


Burn 1,000 Calories With This No-Holds-Barred At-Home Workout

By Julia Savacool

Maybe it’s best to start this workout with a disclaimer: “I do not recommend aiming to burn 1,000 calories during your workouts on a regular basis for most people,” says Jayson Lee, a personal trainer in New York City. “It’s a recipe for injury and burnout.” Got it? Great. Now, let’s say you’ve had a slow week, you feel fresh, and you’re looking to take on a workout that might help shed some extra pounds. In that case, says Lee, a 1,000-calorie workout is fair game. “Just be sure you take plenty of days for recovery afterwards.”

So, what exactly is entailed in a 1,000-calorie workout? Minutes on the clock, for one thing. You’ll want to budget at least an hour-and-a-half for this extravaganza — closer to two hours if you want to build in some extra time for catching your breath between segments. You’ll also want plenty of fluids nearby since you’ll be headed into endurance activity territory. (Drink approximately 7-10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes during your workout, according to the American Council on Exercise, plus another 16-24 ounces per pound of bodyweight lost due to sweat when you’re done.) You might even, counter-intuitively, want to keep an energy bar or banana on hand, in case you start to feel your energy wane mid-workout. (Sometimes, you’ve got to eat fuel to burn fuel.)

What you won’t need: complicated gym equipment or machines. This is a good old-fashioned sweat session that can be done at home or on your street (see: sprints). These moves require a little creative improv with weighted objects you have lying around the house; mostly though, they can be done using your own bodyweight for resistance.

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