Want to Get In On the Pickleball Craze? (Consumer Reports)

Posted: Jun 30, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Consumer Reports on June 30, 2023.


Want to Get In On the Pickleball Craze?

By Michele Stanten

Pickleball, which combines elements of badminton, Ping-Pong, and tennis—it’s essentially about using a paddle to get a ball over a net—has two characteristics that make it a good choice for older adults. It’s slower than other racket sports, and it’s easier to learn.

With a play area about a quarter the size of a tennis court and a plastic ball that doesn’t bounce as high or as fast as a tennis ball, you don’t have to run as much or as quickly. The paddles are lighter and shorter than tennis rackets, making them easier to swing and control. There are fewer rules than tennis.

Plus, pickleball is more social than many types of exercise—and it’s fun. In one study, participants rated pickleball 150 percent higher for enjoyment than walking. "People are finding it’s not a chore," says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise, who has played pickleball for more than 20 years. "It’s not something they’re doing just because they should, but because they enjoy it and want to do it."


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