Are 5-Minute Ab Workouts Actually Effective? (PopSugar)

Posted: Jun 29, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in PopSugar on June 29, 2023.


Are 5-Minute Ab Workouts Actually Effective?

By Megan Falk

To a fitness newbie, the five-minute abs workouts that saturate YouTube and Instagram seem like a convenient entryway into the world of core workouts. The featured exercises are typically equipment-free and easy to pick up, and being able to check "abs work" off your to-do list in less time than a Taylor Swift song is pretty appealing.

Despite their face-value perks, in some cases, five-minute abs workouts aren't all they're cracked up to be. Here, a strength coach breaks down their benefits and pitfalls, plus what you can do to properly train your core.

Why You Need Abdominal and Core Strength

The "six-pack" abs muscles (technically called the rectus abdominis) that you see on the front of your stomach are just one part of your core, the group of muscles in the trunk of your body that move, support, and stabilize your spine, according to the American Council on Exercise. Your core also consists of the internal and external obliques (which sit at the sides of your waist), the transverse abdominis (which lies deep in your trunk and wraps around your waist like a corset), and the erector spinae (which run vertically along the sides of your spine), among other muscles.


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