16 Side Hustles That Could Help You Lose Weight (Yahoo! Finance)

Posted: Apr 28, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Yahoo! Finance on April 28, 2023.


16 Side Hustles That Could Help You

By Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore

When you hear side hustle, you may automatically think of working in the online space, ridesharing, or other gigs that include a lot of sitting.

However, there are plenty of side hustles that require people to get up (literally) and work. And some can even help you get in shape.

Here are 16 side hustles to consider if you’re looking to pick up a little extra cash and burn some calories in the process.


Personal trainers can pick up clients through gyms or advertise their services online.

Designing a workout plan for clients and helping them reach their fitness goals is another great way to stay in shape while making some extra cash.

In many cases — particularly if you’re going to work for a gym — you’ll need to be certified through an organization like the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to be a personal trainer.


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