What You Should Be Eating After A Workout, According To Experts (Newsweek)

Posted: Jan 18, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Newsweek on January 18, 2023.


What You Should Be Eating After A Workout, According To Experts

By Soo Kim

Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with exercise when it comes to meeting your fitness goals and what you eat after a workout can be just as crucial as what you consume before it.

A January 2013 study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism said: "The post-exercise period is widely considered the most critical part of nutrient timing. Theoretically, consuming the proper ratio of nutrients during this time not only initiates the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue and restoration of energy reserves, but it does so in a supercompensated fashion that enhances both body composition and exercise performance."

In a viral post on TikTok, which had over 129,000 views at the time of this writing, fitness coach Alyssa Glantz said the best post-workout snacks and meals focus on replenishing and recovering.

Rachel MacPherson, an ACE-CPT (American Council on Exercise-Certified Personal Trainer) and exercise nutrition specialist at Garage Gym Reviews, told Newsweek what you eat after exercising is vital for replenishing your stores of glycogen, which is "the stored form of carbohydrates that fuel your workouts and recovery, as well as protein to support tissue repair and growth."


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