When Is The Best Time To Exercise? (Forbes Health)

Posted: Jan 04, 2023 in In the News

This article originally appeared in Forbes Health on January 4, 2023.


When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

ByNatasha Caleel Freutel

When it comes to what time of day is optimal for working out, most experts will tell you it’s “whenever you’ll actually do it.”

And while exercising at any time is better than not exercising at all, research shows certain times of the day are better than others for fitting in a workout. Here’s what you need to know to optimize your workout routine. 

When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

When planning an effective workout, take frequency, intensity, time and type into consideration, according to the FITT principle—a method that establishes the guidelines that should be used in a fitness plan.

Regarding the time component of the FITT principle, remember humans are cyclical beings. Our circadian rhythm helps regulate hormones that affect bodily functions like our sleep/wake cycle, energy levels, hunger, body temperature, breathing capacity and energy stores.

Timing your workout to your circadian rhythm can mean increased coordination, improved energy metabolism and better sleep. Think of it this way: If you’re getting up before sunrise to exercise but you’re not typically an early riser, your body may feel a little sluggish, slow to react and weaker than if you exercise at a later hour.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to preference or what your daily schedule looks like. Some people prefer to work out in the morning, while others hit the gym after work and still reap the same benefits.

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