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ACE Personal Trainer University Curriculum For Students


ACE Personal Trainer University Bundle

  • ACE Personal Trainer Manual Set with DVDs
  • ACE Personal Trainer Master the Manual Study Guide
  • ACE Personal Trainer Sample Test with a Written Simulation Sample Problem

The all-new Student Personal Trainer Self-Study Course Bundle, based on the 4th edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, provides students with a bundled set of study materials to prepare for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. Institutions enrolled in the ACE Educational Partnership Program receive an additional 20% savings off the listed retail price.

The Student package includes:

  • ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 4th Edition: With 758 full-color pages, photos, graphs, charts, diagrams and chapters ranging from the principles of motivation and adherence to injury prevention and the new ACE Integrated Fitness TrainingTM Model for exercise program design, this will become a trusted reference throughout a personal trainer’s career.

  • ACE’s Practical Guide to Exercise Coaching DVD: In this 3-hour video divided by chapters for easy viewing, students will discover specific, in-depth techniques for spotting and cueing exercises along with appropriate progressions using strategies based on functional movement principles.

  • ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science Manual: This book presents universal core content that all fitness professionals require to be successful, regardless of the certification held. There are 317 full-color pages loaded with useful illustrations and photos along with topics ranging from human anatomy and exercise physiology, to nutrition and the physiology of training.

  • ACE’s Essentials of Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology DVD: Anatomy and kinesiology are brought to life through easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations of human movement in this 2-hour video. Students will explore muscles, motions and the stability-mobility relationship of each joint and investigate factors that affect movement including posture, proprioception, balance and flexibility.

  • Master the Manual Study Guide: This all-new study guide follows the manual offering chapter-by-chapter questions including multiple-choice, diagram labeling and matching to test students’ comprehension and reinforce key concepts.

  • Sample Test: The 4th Edition Manual Sample Test consists of 60 questions representative of the actual Personal Trainer Certification Exam mirroring the format, difficulty level and topic distribution students will find on the real exam. A written simulation component is also included.

  • Consultation with ACE Resource Center staff