Stand with the feet hip-width apart and grip the kettlebell tightly in the left hand. Keep the back straight while sinking slightly into the hips to allow the kettlebell to swing back under the hips between the legs. Drive the hips forward to swing the kettlebell forward, and as the kettlebell gains forward momentum in front of the body, quickly pull it up to the chest and immediately drop the elbow towards the rib cage and sink back into the hips to catch the kettlebell up by the left shoulder. From this racked position, sink back into the hips, explosively push the feet into the floor, and snap the hips forward while punching the left arm straight into the air to complete the press. Lower the kettlebell by pulling the left elbow down towards the rib cage, sinking back into the hips, and after the kettlebell has lowered to shoulder-height, letting it drop down between the legs. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions before switching sides.

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