Stand with the feet hip-width apart, the hips straight, the back tall, and the knees slightly bent. Place the pulley at about waist-height, attach an attachment with two grips, hold a grip in each hand so that the thumbs are pointed up to the ceiling and the palms are facing each other. Lift the chest, hold the arms straight in front of the body, and push the hips back to begin lowering into a squat. At the bottom of the squat keep the arms straight and the back straight while pushing the feet into the ground to stand up. While standing up from the squat, pull the rope towards the body keeping the arms parallel to the floor and the elbows close to the sides; the hands should reach the front of the stomach. Pause and slowly straighten the arms, and drop down into the next squat (pull the arms towards the body while standing, and allow the arms to slowly straighten while lowering into the squat).

Mindful Movement: Coaching Clients to Become More Active

Inspire inactive individuals to find inner motivation for physical activity and experience its transformative benefits.

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