Step 1

Starting Position: While standing, position your feet shoulder-width apart, side-by-side, with your toes pointed forward or slightly outward. Take a light bar and place it behind your head grasping the end with one hand above your head and the other end with your opposite hand in the small of your back so that your hand touches your low back. Stand vertical so the bar makes contact with the back of your head, your thoracic spine (between your shoulder blades) and your sacrum (butt).

Step 2

Downward Phase: Gently exhale and begin the movement by shifting your weight onto your heels, then pushing your hips backwards towards the wall behind you and hinge forward at the hips. Move to an end position where your torso is midway between vertical and parallel to the floor allowing only slight movement (bending) at the knees throughout this movement. The bar must continue to remain in contact with the back of your head, thoracic spine and sacrum, and your lower hand must remain in contact with your low back (to prevent any arching).

Step 3

Upward Phase: Gently inhale and slowly return to your upright, standing position by contracting your glutes and pushing your hips forwards and upward. The bar must remain in contact with the three points throughout this phase.

Technique is very important in this lift. This exercise teaches the correct technique for performing a squat and is strongly encouraged as a pre-requisite to learning how to squat correctly.