Step 1

Starting Position: Kneel on an exercise mat or floor, positioning your knees and feet hip-width apart, with your feet plantar-flexed (toes pointing away from your body). Slowly lean forward to place your hands on the mat, positioning them directly under your shoulders at shoulder-width with your fingers facing forward. Reposition your hands and knees as necessary so that your knees are directly under your hips and hands are directly under your shoulders. Stiffen your core and abdominal muscles to position your spine in a neutral position, avoid any excessive sagging or arching.

Step 2

Maintain a strong, stable core and squeeze (contract) the left gluteus maximus (butt) to lift the left leg while maintaining your bent-knee position, allowing movement only from the left hip joint.  Perform a number of repetitions with the left leg before switching legs and performing the same number of repetitions with the right leg.

Step 3 

Exercise Variation: To increase the intensity of the exercise, place a dumbbell in the back of the knee 

The degree of hip extension is determined by the ability to control against movement in the low back. As the leg is raised, individuals may witness an increase in lumbar lordosis (low back sagging). Only raise the leg to a height where the low back position can be maintained through the combined actions of the core and abdominal muscles.