Step 1

Assume a ½ kneeling position with your right leg forward, left leg back, and your torso, right tibia (shinbone) and left upper thigh approximately vertical to the floor.  Move your left arm into the forward position with fingers level with your chin, and your right arm into the back position.  Squeeze both arms to your sides with approximately a 90-degree bend in each elbow, fingers extended and wrists in the neutral position (wrists aligned with your forearms).  Stiffen (“brace”) your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine, depress and retract your scapulae (pull shoulders back and down) and attempt to hold these positions throughout the exercise.  Align your head with your thoracic (upper) spine.

Step 2

Upward Movement: Exhale and explode upwards pushing from your glutes performing the following sequence:

  • Driving your left knee forward and upward (allow the knee-bend to open up slightly).
  • Driving your left arm backwards from your shoulders, while maintaining the 90-degree bend in your elbow and arm squeezed against your side.
  • Driving your right arm forward from your shoulders, until fingers are level with your chin (maintaining an approximate 90-degree bend in your elbow or less) and arm squeezed against your side.

Step 3

Continue driving forward until your right leg (stance or support) leg moves into triple extension (extending your hip, straightening your knee and exploding onto your toes).  In this position, your body should be aligned vertical or in a slight forward-lean position with your head facing forward, aligned with your spine.  Attempt to hold this end position briefly, before returning slowly to your starting position.  Perform 5 – 10 repetitions and repeat with the opposite leg.

Step 4

Exercise Variation: This dynamic movement can be progressed by holding the triple extension phase for up to 5 seconds or holding a resistance cable or band in the forward hand to pull backwards.  Perform the movement using a slow, controlled tempo (pace), to master your technique then build towards a more explosive movement.

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