Step 1

Starting Position: Stand to the side of the hurdles so that they are lying to your left, your feet should be hip-width apart with the knees slightly bent.  Bend your hips and drop into an athletic ready position so that your knees are slightly bent and your chest is directly over your toes.  Your arms should be bent with the elbows fixed at approximately ninety degrees (during the drill ensure that the swinging is coming from the shoulder joint and not from the elbows).  Shift your bodyweight so that your weight is in your right leg.  Pick the left foot up so the left hip is at ninety degrees and prepare to place the left foot on the ground beween the first two hurdles while pushing the right foot in to the ground to move your body to your left.  Maintain an abdominal contraction and straight spine during this drill and keep your feet parallel so your toes are pointed straight ahead (in the same direction that you are facing).


Step 2

When your left foot hits the ground, shift your bodyweight into your left leg, pick up the right foot to the point where the right hip is approximately ninety degrees, lift the foot over the hurdle and bring it to the ground next to the left foot.


Step 3

Explosively push your right foot into the ground and pick up the left foot until the point where the left hip achieves approximately ninety degrees of flexion and continue running over the hurdles allowing both feet to touch the space in between each individual hurdle.


Step 4 

Exercise Variation: Once you have run over the hurdles moving to your right, change directions and run over the hurdles moving to your left.  Once you establish the rythym and pace of the movement, keep your head and eyes raised so that you are looking straight ahead where your opponent would be during an athletic competition.

Make sure to land softly as you step between the hurdles, land on the ball of the foot and roll down to the heel and keep your weight back in your hips and you run through the drill.

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