Place a barbell on the floor (if not using standard 45# plates use plates of the same size or place on a lift to bring the bar up higher.) Stand with the feet about hip-width apart and with a straight back and a tall chest, then bend forward at the hips. Place the hands about shoulder-width apart and grip the bar tightly. For the first pull: explosively push the feet into the ground while pulling the bar straight up, close to the body. For the second pull: as the bar moves past the knees, explosively push the hips forward and up while continuing to pull the bar straight up the front of the body. For the catch: as the bar passes the belly button, pull the body forcefully down under the bar and snap the elbows forward. Slide the feet out to the squat stance and drop the hips below the knees so that the bar lands on the front of the shoulders (with the palms facing the ceiling and the elbows pointed straight ahead.) Stand all the way up. Lower the bar back to the starting position under control.

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