Group Fitness Instructor Review Questions Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Disabilities and Health Limitations

1. What is the most prevalent health disorder in the United States?
A. Arthritis
B. Osteoporosis
C. Obesity
D. Low back pain

2. The MOST important aspect of an exercise program for persons with diabetes is:
A. Continuous heart-rate monitoring
B. Stretching before and after each exercise session
C. Frequent rest and nutrition breaks
D. Balancing food and insulin with activity

3. Which of the following is an EARLY symptom of insulin reaction?
A. Thirst
B. Double vision
C. Confusion
D. Nausea

4. Which indicator of exercise intensity is MOST reliable in clients with bronchitis and emphysema?
A. Heart rate
C. Blood pressure
D. Heart-rate reserve

5. Which of these diseases shows no symptoms in its early stages?
A. Osteoporosis
B. Arthritis
C. Asthma
D. Diabetes

6. Which type of stroke is MOST common?
A. Acute
B. Ischemic
C. Hemorrhagic
D. Chronic

7. A condition in which blood glucose levels are less than 60 mg/dL is called:
A. Hyperglycemia
B. Insulin resistance
C. Hypoglycemia
D. Diabetes

8. Most clients with quadriplegia and high-level paraplegia will not be able to achieve a heart rate higher than:
A. 90 to 100 bpm
B. 135 to 145 bpm
C. 80 to 90 bpm
D. 120 to 130 bpm

9. An adult with a BMI greater or equal to ___ is considered overweight.
A. 25
B. 23.7
C. 24.3
D. 27.3

10. The recommended water temperature for participants with Multiple Sclerosis is below:
A. 95 ºF
B. 90 ºF
C. 85 ºF
D. 80ºF

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