Group Fitness Instructor Review Questions Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Adherence and Motivation

1. Which individual would MOST likely to drop out of a group fitness class?
A. An individual with prior participation in exercise programs
B. An ex-smoker
C. A high-risk participant exercising at a moderate pace
D. An overweight individual

2. Which of the following is LEAST likely to prevent instructor burnout?
A. Acquiring certifications in other group exercise disciplines
B. Teaching the same class at the same time every week
C. Switching classes with another instructor
D. Scheduling regular breaks and vacations

3. Which of the following classes BEST promotes exercise adherence for new participants?
A. A 45-minute class that includes variety and some coordination
B. A 60-minute high-intensity circuit training class
C. A 30-minute class of low-intensity cardio offered once a week
D. A 30-minute class that requires physical coordination and agility

4. The LEAST realistic short-term exercise goal is:
A. Dropping one-half pound per week
B. Attending three classes per week
C. Dropping three dress sizes in one month
D. Reaching a predetermined target heart rate in an exercise session

5. To minimize overexertion, new participants should monitor the intensity of their workout through:
A. Heart rate reserve
C. Rating of perceived exertion
D. Percent of VO2 max

6. Which of the following signs may be an indication of exercise dependence/addiction?
A. A low body-fat percentage
B. Exercising four days or more per week
C. Irritability during an exercise session
D. Exercising when injured or during an illness

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