Group Fitness Instructor Review Questions Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Teaching a Group Exercise Class

1. The new participant is most likely in which stage of learning?
A. Cognitive
B. Autonomous
C. Associative
D. Motor

2. Which is the BEST strategy to help this new participant?
A. Spend extra time with the participant since the regulars require minimal instruction
B. Simplify the routine for the class so the required skill level is closer to the participant's ability
C. Provide specific cues and feedback on how to perform the exercises correctly
D. Increase the level of motivation for the new participant to ensure adherence

3. What is the recommended level for music volume?
A. Below 85 decibels
B. Below 75 decibels
C.Below 65 decibels
D. Below 55 decibels

4. What type of teaching allows participants to perform exercises at their own pace and receive individual feedback from the instructor?
A. Self-check
B. Reciprocal
C. Command
D. Practice

5. What teaching strategy is MOST appropriate when teaching a movement or exercise pattern that requires many skill components to be linked together?
A. Repetition reduction
B. Slow-to-fast
C. Simple-to-complex
D. Part-to-whole

6. Syncopation means the accent of the music:
A. Occurs double time, then single time, then double time
B. Occurs every two beats instead of every beat
C. Is temporarily displaced from the naturally occurring accent
D. Remains consistent throughout the selection

7. What type of statement provides the participant with the necessary information to improve their performance?
A. Corrective
B. Specific
C. Value
D. Informational

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