Group Fitness Instructor Review Questions Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Injury Prevention and Emergency Procedures

1. With respect to injuries, the primary responsibility of group fitness instructors is to:
A. Prevent injuries though careful preparation
B. Provide modifications for participants with injury limitations
C. Properly handle injuries that may occur in class
D. Document the injury properly to minimize liability

2. What should you recommend for a participant complaining of chronic pain in the front, lower part of her leg?
A. Advise her to see her primary healthcare provider
B. Recommend R.I.C.E procedures for the next 48 hours
C. Make modifications to the class to accommodate her injury
D. Provide therapeutic exercises to increase the muscular strength of the affected area

3. A student returns to your class following physical therapy for ACL reconstruction. What is the MOST important consideration for exercise?
A. Allow participation only if a medical release is provided
B. Return to the pre-surgery range of motion and loading
C. Structure low-impact type classes to minimize loading on joint
D. Emphasize further strengthening of the muscles around the knee

4. Which of the following factors creates the greatest risk for injury in a group exercise class?
A. Flooring
B. Movement execution
C. Class intensity
D. Environment

5. Which injury is MOST likely caused by overexertion?
A. Strain
B. Sprain
C. Tendonitis
D. Fracture

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