Medicine Ball Lunge to Chest Pass

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Medicine Ball Lunge to Chest Pass

Target Body Part:
Abs, Back, Butt/Hips, Chest, Shoulders, Full Body/Integrated

Equipment Needed:
Medicine Ball

Step 1

Before you begin make sure that you are working with a partner who can catch the ball, (let the partner feel the medicine ball first so he or she knows how much it weighs and can prepare to catch it). Or be sure that you have a solid wall or medicine ball rebounder that can withstand the force of impact from a medicine ball.
Starting Position: Stand on the floor in a ready position with your feet hip-width apart. You should be at least 5-8 feet away from and directly facing your partner (or wall / rebounder). Each partner should maintain the spine in a neutral position (normal-to-flat), keeping the shoulder blades pulling down the back and chest lifted. Keep your head in line with your spine. Firmly hold a medicine ball with both hands right in front of your chest. Contract and brace the abdominals. Keep your hips pressed forward by contracting your glutes. Your head should be level and your eyes should be looking directly at the target.


Step 2

The partner preparing to catch the medicine ball should stand with his or her feet firmly planted into the ground, with a slight bend at the hips. The abdominals should be engaged. Both hands should be held right in front of the chest in order to provide a target for the partner throwing the ball. The person throwing the ball steps forward with the right foot into a forward lunge. As the right foot hits the ground bend the left knee to allow the right hip to sink as you push the medicine ball away from your chest throwing it directly to your target.


Step 3

The partner catching the ball should catch it in a standing position with the arms outstretched straight out in front of the body. As the medicine ball reaches the hands, the catcher absorbs and decelerates the ball, bringing it toward the chest. Once the catching partner receives the medicine ball, he or she should then step forward with the left leg into a forward lunge and throw the ball back to the partner who originated the throw. When waiting to receive a throw, one should be standing with a slight bend at the hips, feet hip width apart and the arms outstretched straight in front of the chest to create a target and prepare to catch the ball.


Step 4

The partner who originated the throwing should again step forward with his or her right leg into a forward lunge and throw the medicine ball back to the other person who is standing with outstretched arms, prepared to catch the ball and step back into a forward lunge.


Step 5

The partner catching the ball should catch the ball with both hands and the feet hip width apart before stepping forward into a forward lunge with the left leg to throw another chest pass back to the partner who originated the lunging and throwing movement. Perform this sequence a number of times before alternating and conducting the same number of lunge and throws stepping forward/lunging with the other leg.


Step 6

Exercise Variation: The partner catching the ball can balance on one leg to work on core stability while decelerating the forces related to catching the ball before stepping into the forward lunge.

During the entire throwing and catching sequence each partner should position his or her body with the spine in neutral (normal-to-flat), shoulders depressed (no shrugging) with scapulae retracted (squeezing shoulder blades together). Each partner should keep his or her chest held up and out, the head in line with his or her spine and both hands out front while preparing to catch the ball (holding the hands in front of the body gives the partner throwing the ball a target to aim for when releasing the ball; the throwing partner should keep his or her eyes on the catching partner's hands to ensure good aim).