Provider: Club Industry Consulting
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 2.0 CECs

The Business of Fitness

Believe it or not, fitness is a business. If you want to grow your client base, open a club or studio and encourage more people to make healthy lifestyle changes, understanding the business side of the industry is essential.

Fitness Business Management will give you the knowledge and tools to make the leap from fitness professional to fitness leader and business owner. Led by Stephen Tharrett, renowned fitness business consultant and prolific author on the subject, this course is designed to help you master the competencies necessary for running a profitable fitness studio, full-service club or non-profit facility.

Career Outlook

Fitness Business Management will elevate your business acumen in operations, marketing and sales, financial management and leadership. With a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from overseeing a team, to facility design, to client acquisition and retention, this course will prepare you to make a giant leap in your career—and a major difference in the lives of others.

You will learn:

  • To effectively develop and manage a fitness facility
  • To successfully market your business to potential clients
  • To create and foster an engaged workforce
  • To operate a fiscally-responsible business
  • To replicate and implement practical business models


Very detailed and informational

The person was hard to understand and videos broke up often.

this had to be the most disappointing and useless course I have taken in my over a decade of experience of taking certifications and CEC's. I can not believe I paid over 200.00 for this course. I have plenty of experience taking courses (free and paid for but certainy not over @)).00 paid for) through Precision Nutrition, Fitour Kickboxing, Fitour Yoga, Fitour Water Aerobics, ACE, Madd Dogg Mindfulness and through Professional Development through DESE as a Health Teacher, and these are just to name a few. What a waste of my very precious time as I work three jobs, one as a Health Teacher for the DEpartment of Education and as a GFI and as a PT. If I wasn't receiving my CEC's for my ACE RE-certifications as Personal Trainer and GFI I would be even more upset. There is nothing in this course that will further my fitness career. Extremely disappointed in you ACE.